woensdag 7 mei 2014

High School Story Cheats

Hi friends. This blogspot has been inactive for a while but I have recently reactivated it because I wanted to share something with you. As you all know, mobile games are becoming more and more popular. There is just a small drawback to this, and that is the greed of the companies that produce these games. They are almost impossible to play if you do not pay enormous amounts of money for in app purchases. This is also the case in a game I have been playing a lot lately; High School Story. Me and some friends started playing this game about a month ago, and while it was great fun at first, the further you got, the more the game encouraged you to buy things with real money in order to advance in the game. And when I say real money I do not mean small sums like a couple of dollars, no, if you want to actually enjoy the game you have to spend hundreds of dollars.

We got fed up with this and started to look for alternatives. After searching on Google a lot, we found many sites that claimed to have working cheats to circumvent these in app purchases but none of them worked until we found the one at Hack Extreme. The best thing about their High School Story Cheats is that they work on both Android and iOS. This was important because some of my friends had Android devices while others had iPhones or iPads. It's also great that it has anti ban so that your account will not get banned. You can also generate unlimited amounts of rings, coins and books with the program so that you will never have to buy anything with real money every again. These High School Story Cheats are incredible, and I wish that I had found them earlier. That is also why I wish to share this website on my blog, to guide anyone who is looking for High School Story cheats in the right direction. I do not want other people to go through tonnes and tonnes of fake files like I had to, and often having to complete surveys for absolutely no reason. The cheats I have linked above for High School Story are not locked with any sort of survey, and neither are they password protected, you can simple download them immediatly and they will work perfectly.

I hope this was useful to some people, and if you have any questions, feel free to comment and I will answer them as soon as possible if I know how to help you! 

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